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June 03, 2019

Keep A Healthy Vagina!

Pay attention to your panties so your vagina stays healthy:

  1. Stay With Natural Fabric for Everyday

Nylon and spandex may look hot. But for your vagina, those fabrics are moisture-trappers which allow bacteria to grow. Your vagina is sensitive and needs to breathe. Stick with natural fabrics for daily wear, especially cotton, because they are breathable and can absorb sweat. Save the lacy panties for special occasions!

  • Thongs Are Not Bad

Thongs are safe and comfortable if you choose the right one. Best to choose a thong with a cotton crotch. Satin and lace are OK if you plan to wear them only briefly (wink wink). 

  • Change Your Underwear Daily

Your mother taught you to change your underwear every day and that is still good advice. Panty liners trap moisture. If you use a panty liner, try sleeping without any underwear to give your vagina a chance to breathe.

  • Sleep Commando!

During a night's sleep, experts would suggest women to go commando. Letting the air flows allow your vagina to breathe and keep them dry. For people with sensitive vagina, this action might make a real difference. Every now and again, go commando under a skirt (not tight pants, as that just may irritate and chafe sensitive areas). Just be careful to not flash anyone!

Vaginal health is more than just maintaining your sex appeal and drive. It also plays a role in the health of your reproductive system. Keep it in good shape by wearing the proper underwear.


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