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June 28, 2018

Dressing for success doesn’t refer to just professional wear, but if you think about it, the concept applies in all environment and activities. Whether you’re cycling your heart out at spin class, bench pressing, running on the treadmill, or sweating it out in hot yoga, you’ll definitely feel more comfortable and productive wearing the right workout clothes.

Women Activewear - Gym - Workout Clothes                                     

I’m less motivated to go for a jog when I have cute activewear…says no girl ever. Frankly, I’m like many girls who already have too many excuses not to exercise, but if I have the right exercise clothes that are not only functional but fashionable, I am way more motivated to do yoga or HIIT class! 

What girl doesn’t like cute clothes but even better when you can get comfy and cute at the same time. Am I right? It’s hard enough to hold yourself together 30 minutes into a high intensity interval training class, so discomfort from my attire is not something that should even come up.

Infinite Linx Fashion offers a plethora of activewear sports clothes from leggings, sports bras, ladies gym tops, and running shorts.  Everything at this online boutique is so affordable yet still fun and fashionable. All the exercise leggings are what I see trending on Instagram too! This website is a one-stop-shop for all your trendy fashion needs. With the affordable prices and the selection of ladies workout clothesonline at this boutique, there is no excuse to not hit the gym. I get to feel comfortable as well as enhance my appearance and stay motivated to workout all in one.

In my list of workout clothes shopping consideration, I focused on 4 things: comfort, fit &size, affordability, and activity appropriate attire.As it’s important to stay comfortable while running at the gym, these 4 things are important to add to your checklist when shopping for ladies workout clothes.

  • Comfort -Comfort comes when shopping for any kind of clothes. You’ll want to pick activewear apparel that is made with stretchy, breathable fabric. It’s also important to consider material that is smooth so that you can move freely without causing yourself any discomfort or irritation. The more sweaty I get when working out, the more productive I feel at the gym. However, for that same reason, you’ll want to go with activewear tops and bottoms that are quick-drying and breathable.
  • Fit and size -Another big point of consideration is the size and fit of the clothes. Pay closer attention to fit than size. Look for materials that have a small percentage of spandex or other stretchy material listed on the label. It will embrace your figure perfectly without being skin-tight and also allow you a greater range of motion during exercise.
  • Affordability– Don’t have a ton of money? No worries. Infinite Linx Fashion offers women's exercise clothes starting at under $10. You can find uber cute, totally trendy floral print matching tops and bottoms for under $40 for the entire fitness outfit! Now that’s a steal compared to many big athletic brands out there.
  • Activity appropriate -Last but not the least, look for activity appropriate clothes. Flowing tops are not apt for doing downward dog in yoga class and baggy pants aren't feasible for cycling or spinning.Always consider the activities you do most before buying workout clothes.
So, if you are a frequent gym goer who loves exercising, you must have the right kind of workout clothes that may keep you cool and comfy during the whole session without burning a hole in your pocket. Who’s even more motivated to hit the gym when you can find the pieces that may flatter your figure and have you running to yoga class in style? I definitely am!

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