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July 21, 2019


Buying lingerie is not really like buying clothes because sometimes you can’t just imagine how your body would feel when wearing it. For people who haven’t tried buying lingerie other than regular bra and panty, this kind of shopping can be a little bit confusing. So here is the guideline you can stick on your journey to get you that sexy feeling. And don't forget the body shapers

1. Comfort is the Basic Rule

Some people say that fashion knows no comfort. But as for lingerie, comfort is a must. By being comfortable with what you are wearing, you will feel your confidence building up. And that is how your sexiness sparks! It doesn’t really matter if you wear the lingerie for yourself or to please your partner.

2.Start with a Bra Set                                                                                                                                            You might be getting overwhelmed by so many choices that you can’t even imagine how these items will feel on your body. So why not start with the one most familiar to your body: bra set. Once you find out which kind of bra that suits you the most, you can find your way gradually to know the other types of lingerie. No need to rush in buying those garter belts and corsets.





 3. Curvy Girl Lingerie

Infinite Linx carries many style for the curvy girl. Flattering, sexy, lacy and feminine....check out many styles of baby doll to bring out your sensuous side while being "modest". 

4. Know Your Body

There is no such thing as “best lingerie” because everybody is different. To determine which is the best lingerie for you, first you need to know the shape of your body and which part of your body that you wish to show off more. If your pride is cleavage, then a low-cut top is what you look for. If you wear lingerie to please your partner, simply ask him which part of your body that he loves the most.

Try on different pieces, be it the style, the fabrics, the colors, or the shape. Long dress lingerie can be sexy too if it compliments your shape perfectly, especially if it is sheer or has holes in strategic places. Try breaking out of your comfort zone when hunting for lingerie as you will never know what kind of lingerie you will fall in love with. 

5. Keep Trying Something New

It is better to do your lingerie shopping on a shop that has varied selection of lingerie. Not only you can browse much to get inspirations before making your actual transaction, a shop like this will be a lot easier if you wish to buy multiple items at once. Click here to start your lingerie-hunting journey!



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